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  • NFTs Revolutionizing Technology and Software – WoW by Ludo #09

NFTs Revolutionizing Technology and Software – WoW by Ludo #09

NFTs Revolutionizing Technology and Software

Welcome back, GM Ludo Family! 🤗

In our previous edition, we explored the transformative impact of NFTs in the music industry 🎶, illuminating their potential to revolutionize digital music distribution. Now, we're shifting our spotlight to the tech and software sectors 👩‍💻, where NFTs and Web3 are driving fascinating innovations.

Join us on this journey through our "Brands in Web3" edition as we uncover how these technologies are reshaping yet another critical industry. Prepare for an enlightening exploration of the influence of NFTs and Web3 on technology and software!

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NFTs in Technology and Software 💻

Welcome to the latest chapter of Ludo's "Brands in Web3" series, where we delve into the pivotal role of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the technology and software industry. Today, we'll uncover how brands leverage these digital assets to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

Our comprehensive research will unveil the revolutionary impact of NFTs, showcasing how they:

  1. Create exclusive engagements: Explore how brands curate unique experiences for their users, nurturing stronger connections and deeper engagement. The potential of NFTs for marketing is boundless.

  2. Enable new product offerings: For e-commerce brands, NFTs present an opportunity to introduce alternative product offerings and create new revenue streams.

Throughout this article, we'll track the progress of industry leaders such as Pantone, Salesforce, and Opera. Each case study will highlight the diverse applications of NFTs in technology and software – from captivating NFT collections to innovative distribution methods and inventive engagement strategies.

In this series, our objectives are to:

  • Simplify the complexities of Web3: We'll demystify the complexities of this rapidly evolving digital landscape, offering clear and accessible insights.

  • Unveil the potential of NFTs: We'll uncover the transformative power of NFTs, showcasing how they empower technologists and engineers and reshape our interaction with technology and software.

  • Navigate the evolving landscape of technology and software interaction: We'll equip you with the knowledge to navigate the exciting opportunities presented by NFTs for both developers and users.

Whether you're a seasoned tech enthusiast, a software developer intrigued by the potential of NFTs, or simply someone fascinated by cutting-edge innovations, this series promises a fascinating exploration of the intersection of NFTs with technology and software.

NFTs Are Turning Bytes to Bucks

The technology and software industries are seeing big changes with the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), starting a new era in how we use and interact with digital services and software. NFTs are bringing exciting new ideas like digital licenses for software, special access to beta features, and new ways to own software and code. These changes make using technology more personalized and engaging, giving users a real stake in the products they use every day. By using NFTs, the tech industry isn't just keeping up with digital changes—it's leading the way in rethinking how we value digital assets and the relationships between developers and customers. This creates a community that benefits from direct dealings and exchanges.

In this article, we explore how NFTs are transforming the tech world. We'll see their huge impact on improving user engagement, opening up new ways to make money, and building better interactions between developers and users.

NFT Use Case Overview

Industry Example Spotlights 🔦

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Web3 technology has taken the digital realm by storm, revolutionizing how we perceive, trade, and experience digital assets. From art and collectibles to real-world utility, NFTs have become a driving force in reshaping the creative landscape and empowering users in unprecedented ways. In this rapidly evolving landscape, tech giants, industry leaders, and innovative startups have been eagerly exploring the boundless possibilities offered by NFTs and blockchain technology.

We’re now highlighting three industry examples, for the full list of use cases, check out the second part of this newsletter here.

PANTONE: NFTs Inspired by Its 2022 Color of the Year, 17-3938 Very Peri

One such trailblazer in this space is Pantone, the renowned color matching system, which made a groundbreaking move by releasing its "Color of the Year 2022," Very Peri blue, as a collection of NFTs on the Tezos blockchain in March 2022. This move into the NFT space marked a significant step for Pantone and signaled their intention to explore further opportunities in this new realm of creativity.

Salesforce: A Rebrand of the NFT Cloud into Salesforce Web3, an NFT management platform

Joining the ranks of pioneers, Salesforce, the global leader in customer relationship management, introduced "NFT Cloud," a platform for buying and selling NFTs. With a focus on accessibility and user-friendliness, Salesforce aimed to harness the potential of NFTs to drive engagement, create communities, and offer utility to NFT holders. Despite ethical and ecological concerns, the company demonstrated its commitment to addressing these issues. It launched a rebrand of NFT Cloud in March 2023, to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, providing a unified platform for customer experiences.

Opera: Mint NFTs in real-time using Alteon LaunchPad, a new tool exclusively available on Opera Crypto Browser

Meanwhile, Opera, the popular web browser, took a bold step in demystifying NFTs for mainstream content creators through its Alteon LaunchPad tool. Enabling anyone to mint NFTs with ease, Opera aims to empower artists and media professionals to explore the world of Web3 without prior experience in the blockchain space.

These examples illustrate the profound impact of Web3 and NFTs on the technology and software industry. By introducing innovative revenue streams, enriching user interaction, and enabling unparalleled experiences, Web3 technologies stand to revolutionize the creative and economic fabric of the tech world. This signals a paradigm shift towards digital innovation and the empowerment of creators in the technology and software sphere.

We've compiled numerous fascinating use cases from the industry in greater detail in a separate article, available here.


Many use cases demonstrate the diverse applications of NFTs and Web3 technology across industries, from art and creativity to e-commerce, gaming, tourism, and social media. As the technology evolves and gains wider adoption, we can expect even more innovative use cases to emerge, reshaping various aspects of our digital and physical lives, below are examples of how these use cases are being applied in the technology industry:

  • Art and Creativity: Pantone's collaboration with artist Polygon1993 to release a collection of NFTs inspired by the "Color of the Year" demonstrates how NFTs can provide a new canvas for artists to showcase their work. Using blockchain ensures provenance and authenticity, giving collectors confidence in their digital acquisitions.

  • Sustainable NFTs: Salesforce's NFT Cloud and later Web3 offerings exemplify how companies can approach NFT technology sustainably and ethically. By involving internal ethics and sustainability teams and offering eco-friendly options like Tezos blockchain, brands can reduce the environmental impact of blockchain technology.

  • Simplified NFT Minting: Opera's Alteon LaunchPad provides an easy-to-use tool that allows mainstream content creators, even those with limited Web3 experience, to mint NFTs quickly. This use case demonstrates how NFT technology can be made accessible to a broader audience, fostering creativity and participation in the digital creator economy.

  • Community Engagement and Loyalty: Unity's integration of Web3 gaming tools allows game developers to create NFT-based experiences within their games. This use case shows how NFTs can be used to incentivize and reward players, leading to enhanced community engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Digital Collectibles and Social Media: Meta's introduction of digital collectibles on Instagram and Facebook highlights the integration of NFTs into social media platforms. By allowing creators to mint and sell NFTs directly to their followers, platforms can empower content creators and provide a new revenue stream.

  • Innovative Fundraising and Events: PizzaDAO's and CHFTY Pizzas' initiatives showcase how NFTs can be leveraged for fundraising and event engagement. NFT collections and sales can generate funds for specific causes while providing unique experiences and access to token holders.

  • Web3 Commerce and Customer Experiences: Telefonica's Smart Tourism platform and incentives based on NFTs demonstrate how businesses can integrate Web3 technology to enhance tourism experiences. By offering exclusive NFT-based rewards, companies can drive customer engagement and loyalty.

  • NFTs in E-Commerce: Shopify's support for NFT functionality allows merchants to offer unique digital items to customers, expanding their product offerings and creating new revenue streams.

  • Fitness and Gamification: Sweatcoin's integration of NFTs and its Sweat Hero blockchain game illustrates how fitness apps can leverage NFTs for gamification, encouraging user engagement and promoting healthy activities.

  • Branding and Community Governance: BurgerDAO's approach to making brand decisions through community-driven DAOs showcases how NFTs can enable decentralized governance and grant token holders voting rights and other real-world perks.


The world of NFTs is expanding rapidly, redefining how we interact with digital assets, and empowering individuals and brands to reimagine creativity, commerce, and community-building. As technology advances and adoption grows, the future of NFTs holds immense potential, promising a dynamic and immersive digital landscape where creativity knows no limits. With the continued collaboration and exploration by industry leaders, the possibilities of NFTs and Web3 are limited only by our imagination. As we embrace this transformative wave, we look forward to witnessing the further evolution of this dynamic ecosystem and the remarkable experiences it will continue to bring to people worldwide.

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