World of Web3 by Ludo - Summer Edition #01

Your monthly digest of all things Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse

World of Web3 by Ludo #01 - Summer Edition

GM from the team behind Ludo! 😎

We're thrilled to present you the first edition of our Newsletter "World of Web3 by Ludo“ where we write about the newest developments and trends in Web3 and share our view on the future. 🚀

As we ambitiously develop one of the industry's leading multichain Web3 search engines - focused on NFTs, Events, and dApps - we're equally committed to providing you with top-tier industry insights every month!

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Topics of This Newsletter 📋

  1. Industry Digest: The hottest news about Web3 and NFTs!

  2. Hot Take: What you probably didn’t notice!

  3. Summer Insights: What shook the Web3 space this summer?

  4. Brands in Web3 - Celebrities: Celebrities as Web3 ambassadors?

  5. Ludo Updates: Progress, progress, progress!

  6. Socialverse: The latest memes and hottest takes on social media

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Ludo’s Industry Digest 🗞

We spend the time to read through all the Web3 news of this summer, so you don’t have to. From all the news, we selected the most important and impactful to share with you:

Art 🎨

Web3 Adoption: We witnessed more and more adoption of Web3 and NFTs by the traditional art space, like in the case of Bansky’s painting that got transformed into an NFT for digital ownership, the Spanish National Museum that minted Van Gogh NFTs and H.R. Giger’s Alien III Art that got featured in Particle’s NFT Collection.

🔗 Another interesting read regarding this trend: "Museums and Galleries Embrace Digital Art and AI"

NFT Collections: A rather unexpected NFT Collection was issued by the German Intelligence Agency to boost their recruitment efforts. 😂

Azuki Drama: There has been a lot of uproar around the recent Azuki Elementals mint as the new NFTs looked very similar to the original Azuki collection, and the mint itself was disappointing for many.

In our opinion, the Azuki's Elementals mint debacle provides key lessons for the NFT market:

  1. A seamless user experience is vital, especially during crucial events like mints.

  2. Fair distribution methods ensure equal opportunities for all participants.

  3. NFT projects need to maintain originality and provide fresh value to holders.

  4. Consistent, transparent communication is critical.

Fashion 👗

Big Brands: The big players in fashion are still committed to Web3. In recent weeks, Adidas unveiled a Sneaker Collab with NFT Artist Fewocious, Lacoste is using NFTs for its loyalty program, and Dior revealed their own NFT Sneakers. Not forgetting Louis Vuitton selling their “Treasure Trunks” for nearly $40,000.

🔗 We also recommend reading: "Emerging Tech is Redefining Luxury Fashion at Gmoney Paris"

Gaming 🎮

Ubisoft: Ubisoft's been riding the crypto wave with serious ups and downs. They tried jumping into the NFT pool with their Assassin's Creed Mirage, but it didn't go smoothly - some even called it a scam. But that didn't scare them off the blockchain scene. Nope, they hit back with a blockchain-based game, Champions Tactics. So, it's pretty clear Ubisoft is taking a deep dive into the world of Web3.

🔗 Hear the opinion of Animoca Brands CEO about the future of AAA games in Web3: "Expect AAA Console-Style Web3 Games in 2024, Says Animoca Brands CEO"

Google: The web2 giant is making waves in the crypto ocean too. They've allowed to integrate NFTs into their Android Play Store Games. This is a big deal because it means the tech giant recognizes blockchain tech's growing impact in gaming. It's a major step forward, opening up a new world of possibilities for gamers and developers alike.

Sports 🏈

Icons: More and more sports stars are issuing their own NFTs, like Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes new collection and Andy Murray’s second NFT.

Food & Beverages:

Mainstream NFTs: More and more food and retail brands use NFTs, bringing new target groups to the world of Web3. One recent example is 7-Eleven with their digital Slurpee NFT and - in a more serious manner - Sodexo who initiated an employee NFT program.

Media & Entertainment 📺

VC Money: Sound, the music streaming platform, recently moved significantly. They successfully raised $20 million in funding and launched a blockchain-based marketplace for creators. This platform allows musicians and artists to mint their work as NFTs, enabling a novel monetization model. It's a clear example of how blockchain technology and NFTs are utilized to reshape the music industry, offering a direct connection between creators and their audiences.

Big investment: Animoca Brands is investing $30 million into hi, a non-profit fintech platform. This collaboration will provide mobile-first blockchain experiences, aiming to bring DeFi and cryptocurrencies to millions. Users of hi will also gain access to Animoca's array of blockchain games and NFTs, boosting their digital interactions.

Finance 🏦

RWA: Tapping into the trend of NFTs, some people are now using their digital assets, including virtual land and crypto collectibles, as collateral to get loans. It's like getting a loan using a Rolex watch, but with NFTs. Platforms like NFTfi and offer these loan services, letting people use their NFTs to secure loans without selling their digital treasures. With this system, they can keep their NFTs while having extra cash.

Legal 🏛

EU Regulation 🇪🇺: The European Union’s proposal, known as the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations, may substantially impact NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). MiCA aims to create legal clarity and certainty for crypto assets in the EU. However, as NFTs are unique and can't be exchanged like-for-like, they might be excluded from some rules. Still, this doesn't mean NFTs are completely free from regulations - they might still be impacted indirectly. The situation is evolving, so we will keep an eye on further developments to understand the future regulatory landscape for NFTs in the EU.

Suspended: OpenSea, one of the largest NFT (non-fungible tokens) marketplaces, has temporarily halted trading of EtherFi NFTs which are utility NFTs backed by staked Ether over possible legal concerns. The situation is currently fluid, and more updates are expected soon.

Crypto & DeFi 🤑

DeFi Exploit: Several DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols have been hit by a major theft, totaling over $70M, due to a bug in Vyper, a programming language for writing Ethereum-based smart contracts. The exploit targeted protocols that used certain versions of Vyper and affected several platforms, leading to a substantial loss. This situation highlights the importance of stringent security measures and audits in DeFi. Efforts to fix the bug are in progress, but this incident is a stark reminder of the risks involved in the still-developing DeFi space.

$BALD Memecoin: A degen just turned $500 into a million dollars by trading a funny internet coin called "Bald Memecoin" on Coinbase. This big win shows how much money can be made from meme coins and how risky they can be. It's a wild ride, but this story shows it can seriously pay off!

And just one day later it’s all gone when the anonymous dev pulled all the liquidity. Only in crypto…

Ludo’s Hot Take 🔥

While the current mood around NFTs appears gloomy, with low prices reflecting a general scepticism, there's a silver lining signalling optimism for the future. The realm of Web3 and NFTs is witnessing a sharp uptick in patent registrations. Sometimes we see dozens of new registrations weekly, not just from unknown entities. Big brands like Samsung, Salesforce, PayPal, Verizon, Adidas, and eBay are entering the arena. Despite the present challenges, this surge in intellectual property interest could indicate that these giants are betting on a brighter future for NFTs and Web3.

Ubisoft’s NFTs - Will publishers embrace Web3?

Despite initial stumbles, Ubisoft's foray into NFTs underlines major game publishers' interest in blockchain's potential benefits. However, the "Assassin's Creed Mirage" controversy highlights the need for thoughtful NFT integration to enhance the player experience rather than merely increase revenue. While NFTs' role in gaming is still unfolding, the Ubisoft episode suggests that publishers must prioritize community interests and meaningful gameplay in their blockchain ventures.

From Red Carpets to Blockchains: The Celebrity NFT Revolution

The Celebrity NFT Revolution

Brands in Web3: Celebrities 🎥🌟

It's time to dive into the fascinating world of NFTs and how celebrities jump on the bandwagon! These Non-Fungible Tokens are like digital treasures stored on the blockchain, and celebs use them to connect with us fans like never before!

A model’s Web3 journey
Take Bella Hadid, for example. She teamed up with the CY-B3LLA NFT platform to drop a collection of 11,111 unique NFT art pieces, all inspired by her fabulous self! Owning one means you've got a digital piece of Bella's awesomeness! Plus, the CY-B3LLA community lets fans and buyers hang out with Bella in real life and online. How cool is that?

Skate with Tony Hawk in the Metaverse
And let's not forget the legendary Tony Hawk! He launched the Tony Hawk Last Trick Skateboard Collection, featuring five of his sickest tricks and digital replicas of the skateboards he used! He teamed up with The Sandbox and Autograph to create a big virtual skatepark in the metaverse to make things even more exciting! Fans skate alongside Tony and have a blast in the digital world.

Strengthening the bond
But wait, there's more! NFTs are changing how celebs and fans interact. They use social media to hype up their NFTs and offer exclusive experiences while controlling their amazing talents and creations. The NFT movement is making the celebrity-fan bond even more special, with more ways to connect, build a community, and make a positive impact together!

Discover more!
So, if you're as intrigued as we are about this NFT trend, join us in "From Red Carpets to NFTs: Celebrities Take the Spotlight in the Web3 Revolution!" Discover all the fascinating stories and exciting insights that show how NFTs are shaking up the entertainment industry, fan engagement, and artistic expression.

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Ludo Updates 🏗

Brand protection for Web2 & Web3: We're thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Ludo and EBRAND, resulting in the innovative, AI-powered brand protection platform - ARGOS. Leaning on Ludo's cutting-edge APIs, ARGOS delivers unparalleled automation levels and real-time monitoring across more than 15 blockchain networks and 20 marketplaces. This alliance ensures your Intellectual Property is always secure in the rapidly expanding NFT market.

NFTS Europe: Our CEO Sergiu had the honor to moderate an important panel discussion at NFT Show Europe about the future of Web3 in gaming with experts from Animoca Brands and other leading gaming companies.

More blockchains: In recent weeks we added support for many more blockchains to our Web3 search engine, including Bitcoin, Arbitrum, Flow, MultiversX, and many more. 🔗🔗🔗

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